There are a number of outstanding websites that will help to develop your understanding of the different key ideas we have studied for AS History.

  • | LINK | First among them is Hugh Fitzpatrick’s High School site based on the French Revolution and Napoleon. It hosts a wide range of excellent videos, reviews, notes and resources.
  • | LINK | Maurice Cranston’s History Today’s article on Ideas and Ideologies of the French Revolution. It covers the full period in detail.
  • | LINK | Another website that covers the period 1774-1815 in far greater comprehensive detail. It poses questions and offers further links to other material.  The Open University’s learning pages at  explore and develop the work we’ve done in class in tremendous detail.
  • | LINK | Schools Wikipedia entry on the French Revolution
  • | LINK | The Terror in the French  


Further reading around can also be beneficial, see these sources to improve the range of your knowledge.

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