How the Wild West REALLY looked: Gorgeous sepia-tinted pictures show the landscape as it was charted for the very first time

By Rob Cooper

PUBLISHED: 15:11, 25 May 2012 | UPDATED: 19:39, 25 May 2012

‘How the Wild West REALLY looked: Gorgeous sepia-tinted pictures show the landscape as it was charted for the very first time’,

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These remarkable 19th century sepia-tinted pictures show the American West as you have never seen it before – as it was charted for the first time.The photos, by Timothy O’Sullivan, are the first ever taken of the rocky and barren landscape.At the time federal government officials were travelling across Arizona, Nevada, Utah and the rest of the west as they sought to uncover the land’s unta

via The American West as you’ve never seen it before: Amazing 19th century pictures show the landscape as it was chartered for the first time | Mail Online.


No change in health gap from 1900

Graveyard generic

In 1900, a third of all deaths were in under fives

The link between poverty and early death is as strong today as it was a century ago, a study shows.

Despite major changes in the causes of death since the 1900s, the association between deprivation and mortality remains “firmly entrenched”, it found.

It is possible that the health effects of poverty have passed through the generations, wrote Dr Ian Gregory in the British Medical Journal.





To help make an excellent start to Y13 A2 Coursework on The Poor Law 1830-1948 incorporating Public Health, Poverty and the creation of the Welfare State.

Reading list –



  • Wikipedia entry on The English Poor Law | LINK |
  • Web of English History entry on history of Poor Law | LINK |
  • British Library’s pages on the Georgians and poverty | LINK |
  • George Boyer, Cornell University, English Poor Law on | LINK |
  • Peter Higginbotham, Workhouses website is an excellent resources | LINK |
  • Timeline of the Poor Law and Relief of the poor from Medieval to Modern times. | LINK |
  • London Lives website reviewing poverty in the Capital, an excellent detailed survery. | LINK |
  • Richard John’s blog covering the Poor Law | LINK |
  • BBC History magazine delves into Workhouses | LINK |
  • Newcastle’s take on the Poor Law at a local level | LINK |
  • Spartacus’ pages on key individuals and places in the fight against poverty | LINK |


  • A modern perspective on Poverty can be found here from the Open University – demonising the working class | LINK |


Environmental Issues

A range of video, webpages, articles and games and quizzes to extend and improve your knowledge. Don’t forget to revisit the Environmental Issues pages regularly.

Yanomami LINK 1 | LINK 2 | LINK 3 | LINK 4 |  These four video clips show details of environmental and cultural threats to a tribe in the Amazonian Rainforest.

Revision Video: Renewable Energy | LINK |  Short clip about British company Ecotricity and windpower and renewable energy solutions.

Revision Video: Making a difference to Climate Change  | LINK |

Revision Video: New fuels for Nottinghamshire  | LINK | Renewables and biomass fuels in schools as a local council goes greener.

Revision Video: Honduras: Urbanisation and firewood, deforestation | LINK |

Revision Video: India and water in Utter PradeshLINK | Irrigation problems and crops – innovative company easily solving obstacles in LEDCs without harming the planet.

Kayapo Tribe Links |

Maldives and Global Tourism | Increasing sea levels, and also increasing tourists are troubling the Indian Ocean island paradise of the Maldives and nearby coral reefs.

  • Maldives Holidays | LINK |  Cultural conflict (see Christmas decorations) and tourism
  • 17 Oct 2009 Maldives Cabinet meets underwater to highlight danger to their country | LINK |
  • Tourism Vs Ecotourism | LINK |
  • Teachers TV Is ecotourism a good or bad thing? | LINK |

Tuvalu: An Island in Danger | Increasing sea-levels are threatening this island nation.

  • Save Tuvalu video | LINK |
  • Paradise drowned: Tuvalu video | LINK |
  • Tuvalu Growing not sinking | LINK |
  • BBC Country Profile: Tuvalu | LINK |
  • Tuvalu vows to go carbon neutral  | LINK |
  • Video on Tuvalu | LINK |
  • Paradise in Peril | LINK |
  • Youth exchange with islands | LINK |
  • Tuvalu struggles to hold back the tide | LINK |
  • Wikipedia entry on Tuvalu | LINK |

Great Barrier Reef | The coral which makes up the GBR is been threatened by sea pollution, increasing temperatures,

  • Video: Climate Change threatens Great Barrier Reef | LINK |
  • Video: Australian Government video on the threats to Great Barrier Reef | LINK |
  • Video: Coral Bleaching on the GBR | LINK |
  • Video: BBC Blue Planet Coral Reefs in danger | LINK |

Greenpeace | An active, campaigning pressure group who use direct action methods to communicate their concerns about the dangers to the environment.

  • Greenpeace website | LINK |
  • GreenpeaceUK YouTube video channel | LINK |

RSPB | The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds are a single issue pressure groupwho campaign to promote awareness of birds, danger to birds.

  • RSPB website | LINK |
  • So…You’re the RSPB video | LINK |

Amazon Rainforest | A vast area of tropical rainforest facing many threats, once known as the lungs of the earth for the sheer amount of oxygen produced by its photosynthesising trees, shrubs and plants. An important example of biodiversity.

  • Friends of the Earth | LINK |  Are an environmental pressure group who focus on finding and promoting solution to environmental issues.
  • BBC First film footage of a lost and unknown tribe in the Amazon | LINK |
  • Amazon road set to give Brazil and Peru new trade route | LINK |
  • East Anglia Biodiversity hotspot | LINK |
  • Deal to Protect Amazon in Peru from Oil Drilling | LINK |
  • BBC Video on the Amazon Rainforest | LINK |
  • Amazon Fires on the rise | LINK |
  • Huge Brazil dam step closer | LINK |
  • Real Life in the Amazon | LINK |
  • Open University pages on Amazon – Why does it matter? | LINK |
  • Wikipedia entry on the Amazon Rainforest | LINK |
  • Amazon Deforestation video | LINK |
  • Amazon animals and biodiversity | LINK |
  • Amazon deforestation video | LINK |
  • How cattle ranching is damaging the rainforest | LINK |


Global Inequality

Global Inequality looks at the causes of worldwide poverty, the impact and possible solutions for LEDCs and explores ways in which MEDCs can work smarter to save lives and help other nations across the planet.

Aid | LINK | Short and dated video on AID

Ethiopia This case study is an important view of an African LEDC.

  • Video: Ethiopian Culture | LINK |
  • Wikipedia entry on Ethiopia | LINK |
  • BBC Country Profile Ethiopia | LINK |
  • Video: BBC Explore report on Ethiopia Feeding Centre | LINK |
  • Video: Sustainable Hydro electrical development in Ethiopia BBC report | LINK |

Spain As an MEDC this is also a good comparison for Ethiopia, as well as the UK, and allows cultural as well as other comparisons to be drawn.

  • Video: Spanish Culture (1of3) | LINK |
  • Wikipedia entry on Spain | LINK |
  • BBC Country information file SPAIN  | LINK |
  • Video: Spain, its people and culture | LINK |
  • Video: The effects of tourism Majorca, Spain | LINK |


Culture and Beliefs

The core ideas contained in Culture and Beliefs underpin all your learning in Humanities, the concepts are complicated, but once you understand them then the rest will fall into place.

Dog Girl LINK | A short video about children growing up with animals and failing to develop into adults with norms shared within their culture.

The Amish Culture | LINK | Amish Family and barn raising

Cultural Conflict LINK | Amish cultural conflict

Cultural Conflict LINK | The Amish: Conflict between cultures

William: Child of our Time | LINK | This video by Prof Winston reviews development in children and how they obtain their norms, gender stereotypes and values.

Prejudice and Persecution

Prejudice and Persecution examines the causes of prejudice and persecution in the past, present and offers ways in which it can be reduced and avoided in the future.

Overview | LINK |  GCSE Humanities Prejudice and Persecution includes the study of the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993 which exposed the Metropolitan Police as being ‘institutionally racist.’ This short sequence tells the story of how the tragic events unfolded.

Stephen Lawrence | LINK |  Short video explaining the events surrounding the murder of Stephen Lawrence who was the victim of a racist gang.

Nazi Propaganda  | LINK |

Hitler’s Master Race | LINK | Part 2  | LINK | Part 3 | LINK |

Uprising Living in a Ghetto | LINK |

Racism in Sport Video  | LINK | A review of the ways in which sport and a national campaign can reduce racism.


These are a collection of weblinks containing some of the best web resources currently online about the Poor Law


Timline of Poor Law legislation | LINK | Kings Norton website’s detailed explanatory timeline covers important milestones in Poor Law history until 1930.

Wikipedia Timeline | LINK | A brief timeline covering the basic dates.

Potteries’ Timline | LINK | A very specific and detailed timeline covering the full period of the Poor Law in impressive detail.



George Boyer “English Poor Laws” | LINK | An article hosted on Economic History by Boyer of Cornell University.

Steve King’s “Poverty and Welfare in Industrialising England” | LINK | A detailed undergraduate coverage of history of Poor Law and welfare relief. It is hosted by Keele University

London Lives | LINK | Crime, Poverty and Social Policy in the Metropolis.

BBC History | LINK | Article on “Beneath the surface: A Country of Two Nations” covering the whole background of poverty and industrialisation.

Richard Brown’s Looking at History Blog | LINK | A blog at topics of interest to the author covering various detailed aspects of the Poor Law, and further links on this site. Also another blog from this author on the history of the Poor Law | LINK |

Peter Higginbotham’s Workhouse site | LINK | A unique online repository of the history of Workhouses across the UK.

VictorianWeb | LINK | Marjorie Bloy of the National University of Singapore’s contributions on the Poor Law to the incredible VictorianWeb.

A Web of English History | LINK | Mark Harbor’s work on the decline of the Old Poor Law.


This module concentrates solely on the source skills you are able to show in the exam. You will need the practise and the content together to demonstrate you can achieve in the exam. There are pages on surgery here to help you get a grip on the content.

Modern Surgery | LINK | A video briefly showing the progress in Surgery in the Industrial and Modern periods.

McIndoe | LINK | Revision for Medicine through Time GCSE. Blood and Guts. A clip on Archibald McIndoe from the amazing Blood and Guts series. Deals with the development of plastic surgery in the Second World War. McIndoe was famous for his operating skill, but also for the way he rehabilitated the minds of his patients. Great for revision for SHP Medicine through Time.

The really bloody history of surgeryLINK | This video looks at the history of surgery. The video included the development of anaesthetics, antiseptics and blood transfusions. It also looks at the important people associated with surgery such as James Simpson, Joseph Lister, Doctor Christaan Barnard to name but a few.

Gillies and Cosmetic SurgeryLINK | Revision for Medicine through Time GCSE. Blood and Guts. A clip on Harold Gillies from the amazing Blood and Guts series. Deals with the development of plastic surgery after the Second World War when Gillies pushed cosmetic plastic surgery to the forefront of medicine.

Surgery Semmelweiss and Lister | LINK | Revision for Medicine through Time GCSE. Antiseptic surgery Part 1. A clip on Semmelweis and Lister from the amazing Blood and Guts series. Great for revision for SHP Medicine through Time.

Surgery, Simpson and SnowLINK | Revision for Medicine through Time GCSE. Blood and Guts. A clip on Simpson and Snow from the amazing Blood and Guts series. Great for revision for SHP Medicine through Time.

Surgery Through TimeLINK |

Surgery in Victorian times LINK | A tour of a Victorian operating theatre by Adam Hart Davis.

Medical Milestones – X Rays | LINK | In November of 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, a physics professor changed the course of medical science forever with an accidental discovery of X-rays.

History of modern surgery | LINK | A video made for GCSE History on the history of surgery from C19th to the present day

Scream History of Anaesthesia LINK | Where anaesthesia was once the realm of the less-respected sector of surgical medicine, in the 1920s and 1930s it became a specialist branch of medicine in itself.

History of Anaesthetics Ether | LINK | It made you vomit and could blow up the operating theatre, yet for years ether was used as an anaesthetic.

History of Anaesthetics Chloroform | LINK | Developed by Scottish surgeon James Simpson, chloroform became the number one anaesthetic in Victorian surgical operations. However, it was not without its pitfalls. Part 1